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Name Registry NOTES
USS Challenger NCC-71099 Commanded by CaptainGeordi La Forge in an alternate timeline.
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Primary setting for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Destroyed by warp core breach at Veridian III.
USS Excalibur NCC-26571-A Star Trek The New Frontier. Successor to the Ambassador class ship of the same name. Captain

Mackenzie Calhoun

USS Galaxy NCC-70637 Pathfinder. Participates in the Battle of Bajor, First Battle of Chin'toka., and Battle of Cardassia. Part of Battle Group Omega sent to intercept Reman warship Scimitar.
USS Odyssey NCC-71832 Sent to rescue Benjamin Sisko from the Jem'Hadar. Destroyed in the rescue attempt.
USS Trident NCC-31347 Captain Elizabeth Shelby and later Captain Katrina Meulers ship in Star Trek The New Frontier.
USS Trinculo NCC-71867 Participates in the Battle of Bajor.
USS Venture NCC-71854 Part of a Starfleettask force at Deep Space Nine during the Klingon invasion of the Cardassian Union. Participates in the Battle of Bajor and the First Battle of Chin'toka..
USS Yamato NCC-71807 Crew discovered Iconian artifacts but is infected by a computer virus that causes antimatter containment loss.
USS Dauntless NCC-71879 First ship under players command in Star Trek: Bridge Commander. Destroyed while escorting a Transport by Cardassian ships.
USS San Francisco NCC-69480 Minor supporting vessel in Star Trek: Bridge Commander. Fate uncertain

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